About the P.S. August Team:

P.S. August is a team of one brother and two sisters. We believe that photography is art, not just some commercial entity, and that our love and desire to create beautiful, artful images will reflect upon our work. We love the idea of storytelling through a simple photograph; that unpredictable quality of a good photo shoot that creates those fleeting and memorable moments between people. We love shooting outdoors and on location throughout Houston. Our photography aesthetic uses natural light and a photo-journalistic  approach that  captures those transient moments that are so spontaneous and beautiful.

Our Brides:

Our typical brides are unique and creative women who put 110% into the design and production of their special day, right down to the very last handmade wedding favor. This is the same dedication that we promise to them when they choose us to take part with them and their loved ones on their wedding day. We believe that when our brides are shopping for a perfect photographer, they would want someone with similar aesthetics and style. And so our typical brides are classic, romantic, creative DIY women who enjoy the same aesthetics such as Anthropologie, Martha Stewart, West Elm, and JCrew to name a few.

Our Work:

As a team of three, we work together to create a unique experience for you. To be more specific, this includes getting to know you as a couple, your likes and dislikes, favorite memories or places. All these things are so important so that we can build relationships with our clients so that they are comfortable in front of the camera with each other. This also includes us location scouting for the perfect place to capture all these beautiful moments between you two, style consultations, and making custom props to make each and every one of our photo sessions unique and memorable. We’ll bring the camera, you just bring the smiles!